16 Influencer Networks to Join for More Brand Partnerships

Working with brands is something that we all want to do more of, right? Sometimes, that’s easier said than done–especially when you’re first starting out! But regardless of experience level, sometimes, it’s really nice to have a partner you can turn to to play the middleman, and bring some cool opportunities your way!

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That’s where influencer networks come in!

How to Get More Brand Partnerships

What exactly is an influencer network–how do they work? 

You can kind of think of them as a broker between brands and bloggers–brands pay them to find influencers and coordinate different campaigns. Often, the opportunities they give you are paid, but sometimes they’re also just in exchange for product. This often depends on your audience size.

How are they different from ad or PR agencies? 

These are similar to advertising or PR agencies, but a “network” is more specialized–as in, they only handle influencer marketing, and basically has its own internal database, which you can apply, and be accepted to, to be considered for future programs.

How do you apply? 

Each network works differently, some have more lengthy applications and different requirements. However, once you apply and are accepted, it’s much easier to get on their radar for certain brand promotions!

Do you have to have a certain number of followers to apply? 

Often, a network will list its qualifications on the application page. Some are more specific in what they’re looking for–but it really depends on the specific brand campaign, and they can often differ from campaign to campaign even within the same network.

Personally, when we were newer to blogging, most of our sponsorships came from networks like these–so don’t get discouraged from applying if you feel like you have a smaller following! (The worst they can say is come back and apply again later!)

As a rule of thumb, we’ve seen the minimum number of 5K followers thrown out there as a good starting point. (Typically this is 5K across all platforms + your blog!)

Do some pay more than others? 

Definitely, and it’s important to keep in mind that rates are always negotiable. You’ll find a lot of variance here. Some pay more for less exciting brand partnerships, some  give you great opportunities with amazing brands like Gap or J.Crew, but they might just be for in-kind product.

In our personal experience, we found that many of these networks were better when we were newer bloggers with smaller audiences, but were unwilling to increase pay as we grew. On the other hand, others are totally willing to meet your price, or others will often will low-ball their initial offer. (Proof to always remember to negotiate!)

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Which ones should you apply to? 

There are so many networks out there, and it seems like more and more are popping up everyday! However, these are the networks that we, and all our BFK BFF’s have had the best experiences with! (Big shout out to Emily from Isn’t That Charming for starting this thread in our BFK BFF’s Facebook group and kicking it off with an awesome list–which sparked the idea for this whole blog post! We love our community! If you haven’t joined the FB group yet–please do!)

Here are our collective go-to’s (in no particular order):

  1. Linqia
  2. Clever
  3. Niche
  4. Collectively
  5. She Knows
  6. WhoSay
  7. IZEA
  8. Fohr Card
  9. The Amplify
  10. Popular Pays
  11. Pollinate Media
  12. Revfluence
  13. Tapinfluence
  14. Social Fabric 
  15. The Cirqle
  16. Tidal 

What kinds of experiences have you had with influencer networks? Let us know any follow up questions you have below, or in our BFK BFF’s Facebook group

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  1. 8.6.17

    Hi ladies, I love your newsletter emails. I am a part of a few of these networks. However, I find the ones that I have to pitch myself for do not receive very much response. I am curious a) how long the pitch should be and b) which points to include for each pitch. Thanks!