An Easy Trick for Boosting Affiliate Income

Have you ever heard the saying “what gets measured gets improved”?

It was sort of new to me, but it makes sense. Anything you’re actively measuring—analytics, earnings, etc. gets more of your attention and focus and when you’re focused on something you’re able to better see what’s working and what’s not.

I’ve been guilty of randomly trying something new for a couple of days or weeks—a new blog series, email series, affiliate strategy—and within a few weeks I’ve usually given up. I decide, without any real reason, that it’s just not working. And, then it’s back to the drawing board.

But, a few months ago, I started a simple little habit that’s greatly improved my affiliate income. All I do is keep track of my daily earnings my 3 top affiliate sources. I use AirTable, but you can use a simple spreadsheet or Google Sheet to keep track.

Every morning when I sit down at my desk, I pull up my spreadsheet and drop in the affiliate earnings from Amazon & RewardStyle for the previous day, plus my sales from Beautycounter. Just pop them in and also take a look at which products are selling best.

This does NOT take the place of formal accounting—this is just for me! A daily check-in of sorts that allows me to measure what’s working, and what’s not. Then, I move forward with planning content, Instagram stories, etc. with that information.

Did you know that you’ll make most of your affiliate income from just a few items? That’s where you can really capitalize! That’s why these daily check-ins have become essential for growing my affiliate income! If you’re taking the time to measure your stats, you’ll know exactly how to improve.

Let’s go deeper on this for a second.

Let’s say you post a sweater roundup for fall with your top 5 sweaters. You look back at your analytics and see that one sweater in particular, we’ll call it the grey sweater, sold exceptionally well! Instead of just thinking, “great!” and moving onto the next, think about how you can capitalize on that grey sweater. Here’s some ideas:

  • Share it a few more times on stories over the next month while it’s still in stock, reminding followers that it’s still one of your faves.
  • Do a review on it: include price, sizing, shipping info, etc.
  • Style it several ways in a blog post
  • Do a try-on session on stories with a few more ways to wear it.
  • Do a whole post on the best grey sweaters, including that one
  • Maybe the sweater was under $50—do a post on the best sweaters under $50

The more I practice my daily check-in, the better I’m getting at analyzing the data and making smart business choices that greatly impact my bottom line. It also makes creating content easier because I know what my readers like and what they don’t.

Lastly, some mornings I wake up to really low numbers—boo! This daily check-in is a great reminder to share a few extra stories or links, or re-share old blog posts that I know have performed well.

It’s such a simple little practice, but has made such a big difference! I hope that it works for you too!

BTW, how to write a perfect blog post, and blog income reports.

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