BFK Holiday Part 2: How to Finish Strong with Your Holiday Content

We’re knee deep in the thick of holiday content, and the home stretch is in sight!

You might think that means that it’s time to start winding down with your holiday posts, but the truth is–your readers are likely still shopping and planning up until the final hour! This is a great opportunity for you to become a major resource for them as they continue to cross items off their Christmas list. (So don’t quit just yet!)

Today, we’re going to talk about what type of content you can create to continue to (or become, if you’re late on your gift guides!) an awesome holiday resource for your audience when it comes to planning for their holiday.

So, first off, what kind of content can you be creating?

There are generally four categories that most content falls under:

Four types of blog content:


This can be either in gift guide format “Last Minute Stocking Stuffers” or a different category in general, such as “10 Sparkly Dresses to Wear on New Years Eve.” Collage formats have a professional, editorial look and generally are well-received by audiences!

How to create a collage? Photoshop is most commonly used, but you can also make them in Keynote if graphic design is not your forte!

List Posts:

List posts typically perform really well, especially on Pinterest–for some reason, the “list” format makes it instantly more clickable! List posts are a great easy content hack because you can create something entirely new out of content that already exists. For example, are you a food blogger? Do a roundup like, “5 foolproof appetizers to bring to Christmas dinner.” Are you a fashion blogger? Pull together all the previous winter looks you’ve worn this year and do a mega round up of “Christmas Eve Outfit Ideas.”

You can also include content that isn’t necessarily yours–this is a great way to collaborate with other bloggers and help drive traffic to one anothers’ sites!

Let’s take our second example above–maybe you only have two “Christmas Eve” worthy outfits to post–you could pop into the BFK Facebook group and ask for others to post their links of their favorite Christmas Eve looks and all do a big roundup together!

Sale Roundups:

Whenever there is a big sale day (tomorrow, for example, is “Free Shipping Day” and a lot of retailers are offering free shipping AND discounts!” you can round them all up in one big post to be a resource for your readers who are still shopping online! You can also highlight any items that you have previously worn in styled shoots that are now on sale (see more below).

Styled Editorial Shoots:

Think of “styled editorial shoots” any type of content that you style and take original photos of. Think of this as the best content that you produce–it can be an outfit shoot, a food shoot, a home decor shoot, etc. I always find that I sell the most products when I am physically wearing them in photos.

The sky is the limit with editorial shoots–they can be really involved and require a lot of styling (i.e. an entertaining post), or maybe you’re writing more of an opinion piece on the holidays–you can still add more of a personal touch by including a couple original photos–maybe of you wearing some cute PJ’s snuggled up by the fire, for example.

Bonus: Social content:

Even if you don’t have time to do full on blog posts (or, maybe, if more of your audience is on a different platform), there are so many ways you can still become a constant resource for your audience via your social media channels. Your social strategy can be completely separate from anything you do on your blog, if you want!

Do you have some awesome gift wrapping techniques? Do an Instagram Live so you can walk your audience through it! Are you an amazing hostess? Have readers submit questions and do a “Holiday Entertaining Q&A” on Instagram stories. Or you can create cool graphics to highlight your favorite gifts each day on social media via an app like Over! Get creative and have some fun with it!

Okay, so now we know the types of content to post–but what about the angle? Here are some ideas to take you through the end of the year!

Holiday and NYE Content Ideas:

Free shipping day sale roundups

Tomorrow is free shipping day–make sure to do a roundup of your favorite sales and deals–this will be a big opportunity to bring in some additional affiliate revenue! For more info on monetizing your holiday content with affiliates, pop over to this post! 

Quick-shipping gift guides

Online shopping these days is now almost as fast as buying in-person, and way more convenient. Create a quick-ship gift guide from products from retailers like Amazon, Shopbop, Revolve, and Nordstrom that have super fast shipping or even same-day delivery. Many in-store retailers have buy online and pick-up in store options, so educate your readers on those as well!

Local Guides

Naturally, a lot of your readers will start looking for more brick-and-mortar gift options because some of the (very slow to adapt) retailers don’t offer free fast shipping. This is your chance to reach out to some local boutiques to see if they want to partner together for a last-minute local neighborhood shopping feature! This can also be great for your SEO if you live in a bigger city and people often search for “Best Chicago shopping,” for example.

This doesn’t have to be limited to shopping either–you can put together a guide of the best Christmas activities in your city, 5 low-key places to spend New Years Eve–whatever you’d like!

Last-minute holiday party outfit ideas

SO many people wait until the last minute to figure out what they’re wearing for Christmas Eve. Help them decide! Whether you do this as a list post or roundup like mentioned above, or even take mirror selfies of five different outfits. Maybe you put together 5 different outfit collages–helpful content ALWAYS performs well! You can do this for New Years Eve as well!

Easy holiday recipes or entertaining tips

I’m the kind of person who doesn’t know what appetizers she’s bringing to Christmas Eve until the day before–which is when I hit up my favorite bloggers and Pinterest to find some easy recipes! Pull together your favorites and your readers will thank you!

What holiday content do you have cued up over the next couple of weeks? We’d love to hear! 

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