Plan Your Editorial Calendar for the Holidays

editorial calendar planning

One thing that’s helped me immensely in growing my blog is keeping a working editorial calendar. It’s nothing fancy, in fact, it’s just a simple spreadsheet I keep in Google Docs! It’s easy to access from any of my devices and easy to move things around when new ideas or projects come up.

I typically plan about a month ahead. No, that doesn’t mean that I have content totally done and ready a month ahead, but I try to fill in my calendar with new ideas and any partnerships I know I have coming up. Then when I have time or an idea strikes me, I can add notes to it and brainstorm the structure of the post, witty post titles and photo shot ideas.

For me, this makes blogging so much easier.

When I’m feeling creatively drained, I have a whole list of ideas waiting for me and I already know exactly what I’m going to write about. Of course, there’s always the last minute changes, but having this structure keeps me on top of things and keeps my content varied.

I definitely fall in the Type A category and I think that’s why I love my editorial calendar so much. I also know there’s a whole camp of people (maybe you fall into this one) who write and come up with ideas better on the fly! To those people and editorial calendar might seem like a foreign concept, or even limiting and I can understand that too.

But, even if you fall in that second group, you should consider making an editorial calendar for the final quarter. Even if it’s really loose!

And, here’s why.

The final quarter is one of the biggest earning periods for bloggers! Not only are readers on the hunt for new recipes, decor, outfit and gift ideas for the holidays, they’re also shopping more than the do in the other two quarters of the year. There are huge sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday and shipping dates to pay attention to. If you’re blogging on the fly, you might miss out on some of these opportunities, which means you may miss out on extra income.

Planning ahead can also help you plan your keywords for better SEO—which means more traffic and more earnings.

So, even if I haven’t convinced you to create your own editorial calendar for the whole year, I hope that you can see that at least building one out for this next quarter can be hugely beneficial.

Do you plan your content in advance? Have you started thinking about the 4th quarter and what content you plan to create?

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  1. 10.26.17

    How funny you guys just posted about this! Yesterday, I literally sat down and planned all my content for November and December! I’m totally type A and as a new blogger, I’m trying my best to monetize and prepare! Do you have any tips for how to handle Black Friday and Cyber Monday, rather than just posting a big list of all the sales that are happening?? What should we focus on?

    Katherine |

  2. 10.27.17
    Julie said:

    I fall into that type A group, too, love planning and lists of any kind! New blogger and I just started an editorial calendar a couple weeks ago and I LOVE it – it also helps to have a long term outlook for recipe testing so my husband and I can taste test over a period of weeks vs having something three times a week!