Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset (& Why it Matters)

How many times have you told yourself something like this

“I’ll never have as many followers as her.”

“Ugh, my blog will never make enough money to surpass my day job.”

“I’m just not as good at this as others.”

“I’m doing everything I can think of, but it’s just not working, I’m just not cut out for this blog/online business thing.”

“No matter what I do, I can’t break past this income ceiling.”

Do any of these sound familiar?

These are all frustrating to places, and I know, because I’ve been there. I’ve told myself the same things and almost settled for being in this place I didn’t really want to be.

It’s easier to tell ourselves non-truths in order to make ourselves feel better about where we currently are, or to justify our lack of success.

But, deep down, you want to be successful, you have visions of what life might look like if your blog was more profitable. What it might mean for your daily life if you didn’t have to wake up, drop your kids at daycare and run to the office 5 days a week. But, then we stomp on our own dreams by repeating these non-truths and negative thoughts in our heads, or even out loud.

I don’t mean to sound harsh, but if you’re not where you want to be, it’s because you are not attracting success into your life. You might not even realize it (I didn’t for the longest time), but you’re probably, and accidentally, pushing success out of your life without even realizing it!

But, don’t worry, we’re going to turn that around!

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In fact, it’s pretty common. As much as we want to be successful, as soon as the slightest bit of success comes our way, we often freak out and sabotage it before it becomes something amazing. Success is exciting, but when you’re not used to it, it can feel scary, and then you go down the rabbit hole of “what ifs.”

“What if this is just a fluke, there’s no way this can possibly last”, and before you know it, you’ve blown that success you worked so hard to get, simply by believing you weren’t deserving of it.

First and foremost, we’ve got to stop the negative self-talk. When we repeatedly think or say or write negative thoughts, you are literally bringing those thoughts into life. You are quite literally what you think about most. So, can you promise me to stop thinking negative, bad things?!

On the flip side, it’s not just about positive thinking. It’s about getting up each day and living your life in the spirit of gratitude and thankfulness. Go about your day as if that success is already yours.

Believe it’s already yours, and soon, it will be.

If this concept of manifesting what you want through your thoughts and actions is new to you, that’s okay! It was new to me not that long ago, and I’m still scratching my head wondering why I didn’t put this into action earlier.

Why? Because it works.

When we tell the universe what we want and live our lives as if we’ve already received those things, they just start coming naturally. And, faster, quicker and better than you could have ever imagined. You start feeling like the luckiest person alive!

It’s when the doubt and fear of, “oh no, this is too much good, something bad is going to happen to me soon,” that you start believing that something bad is coming and guess what? The universe shows up and delivers the bad…BECAUSE YOU EXPECTED IT. Maybe your work load dries up, you get unexpected bills you can’t afford, or your car breaks down on the highway.

Nothing is chance. You, beautiful lady, manifested those things just as much as you manifested the positive. It’s a hard truth to swallow.

But, the good news is now you know! Imagine how quickly you can turn things around now that you have this knowledge. The power has always been inside you. Now, you know you have it.

I wanted to share some practical, actionable tips with you guys on how to start living out this new mindset, because what is all this talk for if you don’t actually put it into practice?

How to Shift to a Growth Mindset

Start Your Morning with Gratitude

I find that my mornings can start on one of two notes. Positive, grateful and happy, or stressed, anxious and hectic. Obviously, I’d prefer the first scenario, and I now take steps each morning to make sure that my mornings go off without a hitch, and if there are hitches, at least I’m in the right headspace to turn things around.

Rename Your Alarm

My alarm is titled “Everything Comes Easy for Me” and every morning, I hit snooze and close my eyes and think about that saying, and then move into the next thing…

Visualize Your Day

I then start visualizing my day, starting with going to get my son out of bed, imagining him in great spirits. I visualize a happy morning, a tear-free drop off at school and then move into my own work day. Productivity, exercise, time for myself and even into our evening. This doesn’t take me long, maybe a minute or two, but sets me up for how I want my day to go. When I’ve seen it happen so beautifully, it makes it all come together—sometimes better than I would have ever imagined!

Don’t Consume Content First Thing

I’ve been guilty of this in the past, but I’m getting so much better. I aim to not consume any content before I get out of bed and get my morning started. This means no Instagram or social media scrolling while I’m still laying in bed. No email checking until I’ve dropped my son at school—it’s not like I can do anything about it until then anyway, so why add the stress before you need to?

Have a Routine That Makes You Feel Good

I feel best when I do my morning skincare routine, get dressed and drink a big glass of water first thing. I then have a green smoothie (sometimes a green juice too). Those things make me feel like the healthiest, most energized best version of myself, so I make them a priority. I’m working on getting up earlier to have 30 minutes to journal, but haven’t made it happen just yet. What can I say, your girl likes to sleep!

Choose Joy

Each day, you can choose to let your day run you, or you can run your day. It might not feel like a choice, but it absolutely is. Of course, we don’t have total control over everything that happens to us each day, but we do have 100% control in how we react to each circumstance.

Start choosing joy. Choose to be happy. Choose to smile and to be kind. Why? Because it feels good! It might feel a little forced at first, but soon it just becomes normal because you realize how good it makes you feel and you want to feel that way all the time.

Notice Negative Thought Patterns & Change Them

We all have certain things in our life that can set us off. Maybe it’s running into your boss, opening your bills or bank account, or seeing a certain person that just wears you out. When you know that you’re going to be in that situation or with that person, start noticing your thought patterns.

How can you change them? Start visualizing these scenarios with a positive light. Visualize that meeting with your boss going great, or that when you open your bank account, you start seeing the number go up each month! How amazing is that?! Again, it might feel silly at first, but the more you practice, the more it becomes second nature and you’ll soon wonder why these things ever set you off.

Make Gratitude a Habit

I saved the best for last! This one is so incredibly important in creating your most abundant life. If you’re not happy with what you have, the universe can’t deliver you the things you truly want.

You first have to find peace and thankfulness for all of the amazing blessings in your life now. And, if you’re thinking, “Blair, nothing in my life is good right now!” you’re going to have to dig a little deeper. Find those silver linings and small things you can be grateful for. Here are just a few simple things: a home that keeps my family safe and warm, a partner that supports me, the internal drive to build a business, my creative mind, the sun shining today—get creative, if you think you have nothing to be grateful for, you are SO wrong.

Each and every one of us has so dang much to be grateful for, and if you think you’re an exception to the rule, you’re not trying hard enough.

Start a Journal Practice

Journaling is such a good practice, and is a great way to make gratitude a part of your everyday life. Ideally, I love starting my morning with a good journal sesh, but as I already admitted, I’m not much of a morning person, so it sometimes happens after breakfast or right before bed. But, it happens–and I start my work day or drift off to sleep with so much happiness and joy in my mind.

I also love going back and reading old entries. It’s a great reminder that I have so much to be happy and grateful for. The more I realize this, the more joy and success comes into my life.

Take a Mental Picture & Take Stock

Sometimes when I’m feeling frustrated, stuck or generally down, I take a quick mental picture of my surroundings. For example, I’m writing this in December in Chicago. It’s approximately 19 degrees outside and I am a Texan. Cold weather is not my thing, it makes me feel crappy! I could easily stay in this mindset of “everything sucks, why do I live here, ugh, poor me!” But, why? This mindset sucks and feels crappy.

Instead, I take a quick mental picture and start reciting gratitudes in my head. “I’m so grateful for this cute, cozy coffee shop I’m working from that’s close to my house. I’m so grateful that I can get in the zone and get tons of work done here. I’m so grateful that my husband’s job brought us here so that I could discover this new career and work for myself—I’m SO LUCKY!”

See the difference? I’m sure you can imagine how much better I felt after the second series of thoughts too!

In Review

Shifting your mindset is a process. This isn’t going to happen overnight, though, I think you will find that if you do these things regularly—even if you just start with one of them—you will notice a difference almost immediately. And, it just continues to grow on itself.

You will run into blocks along the way, and then you will break through them and hit a new level of amazingness. Your potential is endless! And, remember, your mindset is key to your success, so make it priority every single day.

What changes could you make to your own mindset to find more success, growth and happiness? Are there areas of your life where you know need work, but you’re scared to change your pattern of thinking? Get a little uncomfortable and push yourself outside the box—you are worthy of the best, most successful life you want to live!

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    Mary said:

    Great article! The actionable steps are very helpful. I can pick one to implement, then add another when I have created a habit with the first one. Thank you!