How to Make Simple Edits in Lightroom


Two weeks ago I gave you guys a whole bunch of reasons why you need to invest in Lightroom. If you missed it, you can read about it here. If you’re ready to dive into Lightroom, let’s go!

There’s a ton that you can do with Lightroom, but today I’m showing you how to edit in Lightroom. We’ll be making some basic edits to your photos that will make them pop! If you’re new to Lightroom, this tutorial gives you a good idea of what the basic settings under the Develop panel can do.

So, what’d you think?!

By no means are these settings the only ones worth using! Depending on your aesthetic, you might want more color, less color or even to apply a filter. The goal of this video is to make you more comfortable in Lightroom, so play around and have fun!

Questions? Leave them below! And if there’s something you’re dying for me to cover in the next photography tutorial, leave a note below!

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  1. 8.26.16

    Thanks so much for sharing this! I had always used Photoshop, and it was much more labor intensive and not as great of quality. These posts have been SUPER helpful and you’ve inspired me to switch to Lightroom!

  2. 8.26.16
    Amanda Mercado said:

    Great job, Blair! I Love Lightroom and would be lost without it! Would love to see some advanced techniques next.

    • 8.29.16

      anything in particular?

      • 8.29.16
        Amanda Mercado said:

        I’d love to know how to edit the background differently than the subject. There are times I want to mute the background but brighten myself. I’ve watched some other video tutorials, but still struggling with it. Also, any tips for overexposed photos and trying to salvage them would be great! I’m just dropping the highlights and reversing the exposure. Not sure if there is a better way? Thank you!!

        • 9.7.16

          Hi Amanda! Hmm, my suggestion would be to edit the background and foreground the same because otherwise it might look strange or overly edited. I don’t have any tips for that, but I’ve never tried it! For salvaging overexposed photos, it’s much easier if you’ve shot in RAW, but if it’s really overexposed, there’s no getting those details back! I always try to shoot one or two notches underexposed so that I capture all that detail!

        • 9.7.16

          also, just looked at your photos on your site and they look great!!

  3. 8.28.16
    Hillary said:

    Thanks Blair! Another great Lightroom post!


  4. 8.29.16
    Maya McDonald said:

    I always love watching people use Light Room! Took some notes 😉 xx

  5. 9.29.16
    Hilminha Lopes said:

    Do you use any presets on Lightroom?

  6. 4.4.17

    The workshop was so helpful this weekend! I’m feeling more and more comfortable in Lightroom the more I play around with it!

  7. 4.27.18
    HT said:

    This might be a silly question. But I just bought lightroom and for some reason my editing options look a lot different then yours. Are there different types of lightroom? Maybe I don’t have the same version??