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Do you have a Facebook page for your blog? I’m going to take a wild and guess and say that the answer to that question is yes. But if not, I recommend you go ahead and set one up! Personally, I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook. At one point, I think we all loved it — in college it was great — but since they made changes to their algorithm and introduced ads, Facebook and I distanced ourselves and I still don’t use it nearly as often as I did back then.

While Facebook is not my favorite social media platform (I’m a Instagram & Pinterest gal), I’ve quickly learned that it is a very important part of the blogging equation.

Let me explain…

What’s great about Facebook is why people come to the site. Unlike some platforms, where people just want a glimpse at something pretty or inspirational, people come to Facebook for information — news, stories, trending things — and that makes it perfect for sharing your blog posts.

Since people are already looking for information and stories on Facebook, it makes for a great driver of traffic to your site — even if you don’t have a large following on your Facebook page.

Don’t believe me? Between Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, my Facebook following is not only the smallest, but also the slowest growing. But when I look at Google Analytics, it paints a very different picture. Facebook is the second biggest driver of traffic after Pinterest.

Pretty wild, right?!

Twitter doesn’t even make the first page of referrals and since Google counts Instagram traffic as direct traffic, it’s hard to see who’s actually coming from Instagram to your blog. If you do want to track your Instagram traffic, there’s a great tutorial here.

Since Facebook can be so beneficial to your blog’s traffic, shouldn’t you make sure that it represents your brand in a cohesive manner? Of course you should! When Facebook added the cover photo option, I was so excited, but I kept uploading images and they’d look blurry or didn’t fit properly.

Let’s be real, not all of us are designers and know how to use Photoshop. To make matters worse, Facebook doesn’t even give you recommended dimensions for the cover photo area!

Facebook, why do you have to make things so difficult!

Let me introduce you to BeFunky — it’s an online photo editor and collage maker that makes this whole process so much easier! Their Facebook collage templates allow you to drag and drop photos and add text in just a few simple steps so that you can create a beautiful and professional cover photo in minutes!

So, if you’re in need of a better-looking Facebook cover page, open up BeFunky and let’s get started…

1. Make a Collage

At the top of BeFunky’s website, you’ll see three options, select the one title ‘Collage Maker’.

On the next page, you’ll see a menu on the left, select the templates icon (it looks like 4 squares).

how to make a Facebook cover photo graphic

Then hit ‘Facebook’ to browse all the different Facebook templates!

how to make a Facebook cover photo graphic

2. Select a Template

BeFunky offers a ton of unique layouts that are all perfectly sized for the Facebook cover photo area — hooray! No need to figure out the dimensions of that box, it’s already done for you! Browse the templates and pick one you like.

how to make a Facebook cover photo graphic

Once you make your selection, it will pop up in the editing area. Here you can change the actual sizes of the individual areas on the box. Simply drag and drop the edges until it looks how you like. Now, it’s onto the fun part!

how to make a Facebook cover photo graphic

3. Upload Photos

To make things easier, I counted the boxes that I needed images for and then browsed through my blog for images. Since I talk about multiple subjects, I tried to get a variety of photos that represented those things and then dropped them onto my desktop to make uploading easier.

how to make a Facebook cover photo graphic

When you’re ready to upload an image, simply click on a box and a panel will open with the option to upload the photo, click on that and go find the photo you want to drop into that box. Continue doing this until you’ve populated all the boxes.

how to make a Facebook cover photo graphic

how to make a Facebook cover photo graphic

If you decide you want to move a photo to a different box, you can grab it and drag it to a different one and those images will switch places.

Want to add text, you can select the Text icon to do so? I would recommend using as little text as possible though as your Facebook page already has your blog title, URL, with a link I might add, and your blog’s description!

4. Save Your Work

Once your graphic is complete, go to the top and hit ‘Save’. A dropdown menu will appear here. I selected ‘Computer’. That opens a new box that allows you to rename your graphic and select a few options. I went with JPG (PNG is better if you have text in your graphic) and 90 for the quality and then saved it to my desktop.

how to make a Facebook cover photo graphic

5. Upload to Facebook

Head to your Facebook page and hover your mouse over the camera icon in the top left hand corner of the cover photo. When the ‘Change Cover’ button appears, click on it. Select the option titled ‘Upload Photo…’. From here, navigate to your saved Facebook image and upload. You shouldn’t need to reposition it because it’s already perfectly sized for Facebook!

how to make a Facebook cover photo graphic

Hit ‘Save Changes’ and enjoy your new professional Facebook cover image!

how to make a Facebook cover photo graphic

TIP! To keep your Facebook page looking updated and timely, refresh this graphic every few months with new images! Why? Think about it this way — if you’re a fashion blogger, no one wants to see images of sweaters in the middle of summer or holiday decor ideas when it’s January. Get it? Good!

P.S. Remember last week when we talked about the importance of Pinterest graphics? I’m also sharing a tutorial on how to use BeFunky to create an engaging Pinterest template that will get you more repins than a photo alone!

* This post was created in partnership with BeFunky, a product we love and use ourselves!

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    This is an awesome tool, Blair! I just made my first collage, it is easy and fun. Thank you for sharing.


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