5 Pinterest Tips to Help Your Holiday Content Go Viral

Pinterest is always a topic that I geek out over. To me, it’s so much more fun and rewarding than Instagram. If you’re getting sick of Instagram and need somewhere else to focus your time, we would HIGHLY recommend Pinterest! It’s our #1 traffic driver for both of our blogs, and has been for quite some time–you will always get a lot of bang for your buck on this social platform!

It’s also one of the best ways to get your posts to go gangbusters during the holidays! I know it seems a little early, but Thanksgiving and Christmas are around the corner! Last week, I had a Pinterest strategy call with my friend Jordan, who I recently hired to help consult with Pinterest as well as handle my SEO implementation. (She doesn’t have her website up yet, but if you’re interested in her services, just email us at hello@blairstaky.com and we’ll put you in touch with her!) I couldn’t wait to share these tips with you guys as soon as I got off the phone!

Here are five things you can start implementing now to set your self up for optimum traffic during the busiest time of the year:

Start repinning your old holiday content now 

This sounds nuts, but if your old pins start gaining momentum now, they’ll be even more likely to go viral when the holidays hit, because Pinterest of the way Pinterest’s algorithm works! Do a quick search on Pinterest and you’ll find that when typing in a given search term, the first several pins that show up are the most popular ones.

Create content that is resourceful, versatile, and actionable–not JUST pretty

This goes for your evergreen content as well as your holiday content!

Pinterest is moving away from JUST pretty pictures–they truly want to be the most helpful resource around for their users, so in addition to pretty pictures, Pinterests rewards content that is super resourceful, versatile, and actionable. This is important to keep in mind when creating your blog content. This doesn’t mean create different content, but just consider framing it up in a slightly different way.

For example, in your caption “How to style a puffer coat + our 5 favorites under $100” is better vs. just “Puffer coat”– so your captions always look actionable. 

This can also give you good ideas for reusing your own content–create a list post with your 10 favorite sweater outfits, for example, and name it something like “10 ways to wear your favorite cozy sweater this holiday season.”

Re-write your captions with quality, specific keywords

Focus on re-writing the captions for all of your pins to contain relevant keywords. For example, instead of just letting Pinterest pull in the caption from your site–”red sweater,” for example–rewrite it to say “this red sweater is so versatile–you can dress it down with jeans for a casual Christmas Eve outfit or pair it with a leather skirt for a festive holiday party outfit.”

Pinterest really favors specific, niche content–so keep in mind that “Office party outfits for Christmas and New Years” is much better than just “Holiday Party Outfits”–make sense?

Another good trick for finding the right keywords:

Type in the generic keyword you’re thinking of–for example, “holiday outfit.” Hit enter. See how many other suggested keywords come up? These are the popular terms that people are searching for on Pinterest. To niche down your search terms, keep clicking on these to add them to your search, until your options are narrowed.

Like this:

So, instead of “holiday outfits”–you might want to focus on “Christmas and Holiday Party Outfits” for example.

Create a few different niche boards

Speaking of niching down, creating a few different more niched down boards is a great idea–this applies to your Pinterest as a whole, and also to your holiday content. Also, consider adding a holiday food and beverage board, if that fits in with your content, because food and beverage is by far and away Pinterests most popular category, and they actually reward your profile in the algorithm for having a food and beverage board! (Just make sure your board is categorized correctly!)

You can use the same strategy that we highlighted above to find your best niched down board ideas. For example, I created one called “Thanksgiving and Christmas outfit ideas.”

Pin frequently, at the right times

We use Tailwind to schedule our Pinterest content and it’s been a total game-changer as it allows you to bulk schedule a LOT of content at once, at the most optimal times.We started seeing the most growth in our Pinterest accounts and traffic when we started using Tailwind!There is a lot of speculation on the “right” amount of pins to pin per day, so you can definitely use your best judgement–but we think around 40-50 pins is a sweet spot for us personally. Think about it–if you’re pinning great content, but nobody is seeing it–it doesn’t really count, does it?

Do you have any other ways you’re using Pinterest to boost your Holiday traffic? 

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