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Beautiful and strategically-designed Showit templates for brands & businesses that want to be remembered.  100% customizable, drag and drop, no code required, easy to use and fun to share.

Website templates that are totally customizable.

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Stunningly-designed full Showit website templates with a built-in Showit blog template via Wordpress. Payment plans starting at $140.

A grounding & soft website template ideal for nutritionists, health coaches, and service-based business owners.
Starting at $115

A clean and organic website template ideal for nutritionists, health coaches, and service-based business owners.
Starting at $115



A bold, fun and whimsical Showit website template for coaches, service-based businesses and content creators.
Starting at $115

A muted & neutral Showit website template to highlight your work. Ideal for service providers, designers & bloggers.
Starting at $115

A warm and inviting Showit website template to highlight your work. Ideal for coaches, consultants & service businesses.
Starting at $115

A feel-good template ideal for sleep consultants, coaches, and service-based business owners.
Starting at $115

An earthy & clean template ideal for bloggers, content creators and online businesses.
Starting at $115

Why showit templates?

The easiest website you've ever created—this drag and drop platform requires no code, which means your site will be up and running in no time.


Customize to fit YOUR business' needs. Don't need a section, just remove it. Need another, add it with with a few clicks! Yes, it's really that easy—I promise!


Need a website, like... now? These Showit templates are ready to go. Buy today and you'll get your design instantly, even if you choose a payment plan.


You get a standout website and thoughtful strategy that you'd get when working 1:1 with a Showit website designer like me, all for a fraction of the cost of a custom website.


What Our Clients Are Saying

Customizing is a cinch.

Get a peek behind the scenes to see just how easy it is to edit your website in the Showit design platform. Watch as our I quickly transform the look and feel of one of our Showit templates in just a few minutes.

With Showit's drag-and-drop platform, you'll be able to change your colors, fonts and add your logo, images and copy in a matter of minutes. Never has designing your own website been so fun and simple!

When you're site is ready, go live and celebrate!

Yes, really—just watch.

Go live sooner than you ever imagined

Why Choose our Showit templates?

save thousands vs. custom design

make changes whenever you need-no coding required

ready-to-use and totally unique page templates 

seo-friendly options to help you rank on google

designed to convert browsers into buyers

make a lasting impression on your clients & customers


Is this template actually customizable?

A new website is an investment in your business and brand, let's make sure you've got all your questions answered!

I get it. You've bought "customizable" templates in the past only to be disappointed. This template is truly 100% customizable. Change all the fonts, colors, placement of text, images, move entire sections around. Add or remove what you need and so much more!

What do I need to use this template?

All you need is a Showit subscription as this template is built for the Showit design platform. It will not work with other website platforms like Wix, Shopify, Squarespace, or Wordpress. Showit pricing is very affordable as well! If you choose to have a blog, it will be with Wordpress through Showit.

Will you transfer my blog content?

Showit offers a blog migration service free of charge. It takes about 1-4 days to migrate your blog content over. It's a very simple and easy process. Showit's support team is the ABSOLUTE best and one reason why they come so highly recommended!

Will I blog from wordpress or showit?

Once your blog has migrated over, you will login to your Wordpress account like normal to blog. To make edits to other static pages and your design, you will login to Showit.

I love this theme, but my business is different than the demo

All of my templates are designed to work with any business and industry. If the style fits your brand or business' vibe, you can make it work. The content I drop in is just a suggestion, not a requirement.

how long will it take to set up?

You will be able to install your template within minutes. Depending on how much customization you want to do, it will vary, but you should be able to get your site customized within a few days. 

still have a question? Dm on instagram, or send me an email!