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Get found on Google & stand out in your industry.

People are already looking for exactly what you offer. Get found & make a lasting impression.

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You've got something people want, but no one is finding you...yet! 

that's whY SEO is so great

With 8.5 billion Google searches per day, there's no doubt that people are searching for what you have to offer.

SEO, or search engine optimization makes it easier for the customers who are searching for your products and services to actually find you. Instead of you having to find them. Ready to get started?

Ready to get found?

  • Confidently find the best, competitive keywords
  • Know exactly how and where to implement them
  • Create more avenues for customers to find you
  • Show up in search results
  • Grow your business with leads & customers
  • Build your long-term traffic
  • Not have to rely  solely on social media

with my simple seo system you'll:

Kickstart your SEO

Start with these great posts

Stand out in your industry.

custom web design

Think of your website as your digital storefront. When people arrive, how do they feel? Can they find what they're looking for? Are you standing out in the sea of tabs? Make your brand stand out in your industry with stunning web design. 

Whether you're an e-commerce store, online business, or blogger, we can help build a website that's not only strategic, but let's you stand out online.

showit templates

Your website is your digital storefront. How's it looking?

be honest. are you excited about your current website?

Kind Words

Shop Showit Website Templates

Stunning Showit websites that seamlessly integrate with Wordpress and include a beautiful Showit blog template as well (perfect for content creators AND small businesses!). These gorgeous templates are 100% customizable, strategically-designed and easy to use.

A feel-good template to highlight your offers.

showit website template


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A warm & inviting template ideal for coaches.

showit website template


details >

A muted, cozy template to highlight your work.

showit website template


details >

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A bold, whimsical and fun website template.

showit website template




Blogging Secrets

Blog Launch Guide

free guide

This guide will walk you through exactly how to define your niche, audience and create content that drives traffic with SEO and thrills your readers. Grab it asap!


SEO Checklist

free checklist

Plan Your 6-Figure Year

free Guide

4 Steps to Drive More Traffic to your Website

free workshop

and start getting more customers to your business using SEO

With a decade of design and content creation under my belt, I'm here to take your website up a notch (or 10) and allow you to bring more of your magic to the world. I create totally custom Showit + Wordpress websites and blogs, as well as gorgeous website templates to bring your business to life so you can earn more, book your dream clients and create the life of your dreams.

Web designer, SEO nerd, blogger, mama and artist

Hi, I'm Blair Staky

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