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Feminine Custom Showit Website Design for Wellness & Style Blogger

We recently launched this stunning totally custom Showit website design and WordPress blog for the wellness and style blogger, Suzanne of My Kind of Sweet. This project was a fun one because we took multiple different aspects of her business that were living on different websites and brought them all into one cohesive home on the internet.

Originally, she had one site for her style blog, another website for her Sober Mom Life Podcast, her Sober Mom Life Cafe membership, and a stand-alone Shopify store for Sober Mom Life merchandise. It was working, but I knew we could bring it together in a way that incorporated all aspects of her brand in a way that just made sense.

To give you a better sense of where we started, here’s her style blog before:

Feminine Custom Showit Website Design & WordPress Blog

The main goal was to combine all the different aspects of her business under one “roof” so that we weren’t sending traffic to multiple different websites. This allows users to discover more of her content and encourages them to stay on her website much longer.

Upleveled Branding

Suzanne had a clear vision for what she wanted for her new website, and we accomplished that with a new color palette that’s soft, feminine and inviting, and a new selection of fonts to that pop and make it easy to work your way through the page.

We also created a brand new wordmark logo with a gorgeous font that fits the design perfectly.

New Dynamic Homepage

Instead of the homepage simply featuring Suzanne’s latest blog posts, it now has blog posts, highlights her podcast and latest episodes, features products from the shop, a teaser for her membership, a way to easily find her freebies, Facebook group and so much more.

Basically, all the pieces she had before are now found in one spot—hooray.

WordPress Blog

We used Showit to host her website and added a WordPress blog so she could continue blogging. We merged her podcast episodes with her other blog content so now all content can be found in one place.

WordPress is our go-to choice for blogging as it is the most robust blogging platform out there. Paired with Showit, we can create amazing templates that stand out.

Custom Podcast Category

Since her podcast is a major part of her business and brand, we created a custom podcast blog category that includes a section to easily click and listen to her latest episode and explains a little bit more about what her podcast is all about.

Below that, we’ve pulled all her latest podcast episodes in for easy listening and discovering for readers.

Integrated eCommerce

Suzanne also had a Shopify store with her Sober Mom Life merchandise. Before it was just a section in her sidebar, but now it’s a fully built out page with all of her products that you can easily shop straight from her site.

This is a great option for anyone who has products on Shopify and wants to integrate it with their Showit website.

Integrated Paid Membership Platform

Lastly, we integrated a paid membership platform within her website. In the past, business owners would have to build a membership on another platform, but with Showit and MemberSpace, you can create your own membership hosted completely on your website and include things like a paid podcast, paid content, videos, downloads and so much more.

It’s such a great option to keep your site branded and designed just how you desire and have it hosted on your own platform.

Overall, I am so so happy with how Suzanne’s site refresh came out—a happy new home that pulls all of her amazing business aspects into one place. I look forward to watching her grow, as she’s already got quite the movement going in the wellness and sober living space!

If you’re interested in custom web design, WordPress blog design, Shopify integration or a membership for your own business, contact me today and let’s chat more about how to bring your business to life!

BTW, custom website for acupuncture and functional medicine practice, and a Showit template customization for an interior designer.

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