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July 2022: Business Income Report (My Lowest Month this Year)

August is one of my favorite months. It suddenly hits me that summer is nearly over, and all the things I wanted to check off the bucket list, suddenly need to happen! It’s a full one for us with two weddings—one in Chicago and one in London, a milestone birthday for a friend, and squeezing in pool visits and lazy summer evenings on the patio before the weather starts cooling off. Needless to say, I’m feeling very excited and content about what’s to come this month!

July Income Report 2022 for my Web Design & Art Business |

But, back to July’s income report because this month ended up being my lowest earning month so far this year, but despite it being the lowest, it is still a figure that I once only dreamed of making. Sometimes you have to stop and look back at where you started to really appreciate the growth you’ve experienced.

We spent a whole week in the mountains this July too. I had fully planned on getting some work done on my SEO course during nap times, but I ended up napping nearly every day myself. Being with a four & two year old all day for multiple days is tiring!

I actually came home from the trip feeling more exhausted and overwhelmed, but determined to make August amazing and productive. All in all, the time away was totally necessary for me to prioritize things in my life and business and get focused on what’s to come in the next few months as this business approaches the ONE YEAR mark! That’s still wild to me—I’m planning a big post on everything I’ve learned in this first year of business.

July 2022: Business Income Report

July income report

Well, I’ve spoiled it for you, but this was my lowest month so far (and if you want the real numbers, sign up in that box below!)

And, in the past, I think this would have sent me spiraling into fear—will I get another client? Am I terrible at this? What am I doing?! But, I’ve just found myself in this better, more calm place of being grateful for this slow period.

Summer is the time to slow down. I always feel a rush of busy-ness when September approaches, so for now, I’m just grateful for having less on my plate and being able to focus on some of my big picture projects.

Does that mean I don’t want more web design clients? Of course, not! I am excited to work on more custom websites this next season an, but just a reminder that every season has a purpose.

July income breakdown

This month was a great one for art! I had a new collection launch and also started and completed several commissions. Other areas were a little slow, but I’m grateful for different income streams that ebb and flow month to month.


Web Design: 21%

Freelance: 22%

The Collective & Website Templates: 9%

Art: 34% (my side hustle and other creative outlet!)

Ads: 4%

Affiliates: 10%

Website Traffic

July 2022 website traffic

My traffic went up this past month and I attribute that to my SEO efforts and getting a few more blog posts up than I normally do. What’s even cooler, was to see that 400 of those visits were from organic search traffic—this is why I LOVE SEO! You don’t have to rely solely on your social media presence to get people to your website.

My SEO course is launching VERY soon and if you’d like to learn more about it, click here to be the first to know when it goes live and get your free SEO checklist.

Email List

I started July with 3,192 subscribers and today (which I realize is half way through August), I have 3,251. This is always something I’m working on, but it’s been slow growth. At the end of the day, I’m happy to see any growth here! And, it reminds me that I’m finding more and more of my ideal audience every day.

August/Fall Goals

Launch SEO Course

This feels HUGE! I finished creating the course last week and it felt like the BIGGEST accomplishment. If you’ve ever created a course you know that it’s so much more than just throwing in some lessons. It’s coming up with a way to teach the material that’s simple, straightforward and manageable and I think I hit the nail on the head with this one which made me feel even more excited about finally sharing it with you guys! Again, get my free SEO checklist if you want to start getting more organic search traffic!

Start Building Out New Website Templates

Earlier this summer, I began mocking up 4 new templates to add to my shop, and after the course officially launches, working on these new templates is my big goal for this fall. I’m also hoping to provide more education around Showit to make these templates and even easier thing for business owners to say yes to.

Enjoy the End of Summer

We’ve already done a fair amount of this already! We had a wedding in Chicago last weekend, and another wedding in London in another two weeks. It’s been busy, but my heart has been exploding with joy because it’s just been so dang fun. August always wraps up summer, and we’re planning on sending it out in style!

Complete Commissions

I have several art commissions this month and they are cruising along nicely! I aim to have a few more complete before the end of this month too!

BTW, June’s income report, and how to make money as a blogger.

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