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Recently Launched: Kayli Anderson Nutrition & Plant-based Mavens

Kayli Anderson website

I am so excited to share another recent custom Showit website launch with you guys! This one was a two-part site, we had the main website, KayliAnderson.com to highlight Kayli’s services as a nutritionist. Then we built out a blog-portion for her plant-based recipes and women’s health content to live on called PlantBasedMavens.com.

The two sites have similar design elements, but are still uniquely their own!

Custom Showit Website for Kayli Anderson

Website Strategy

She wanted to have two separate places for her content to live. One for her professional services, and one that housed all of her blog content. Her main website features her services, her philosophy and easily gives you options to click through to all her services, her course and to join her list to get her free meal plans.

The blog features her recent content in a way that’s easy to browse and discover new items. We again highlighted her course as well and designed a beautiful sales page to match!

Web Design

I love the playful colors, fonts and branding used throughout Kayli’s two websites. They are such a great reflection of her style and personality. Through the design, we were able to make it easier for people to sign up for Kayli’s free offers and find the content they’re looking for easily.

We designed a gorgeous services page for her nutrition business that highlights all that she offers and makes it incredibly easy for people to navigate, and contact her for any service.

On her blog, we built out a custom recipes category page that allows you to browse all her recipes easily. It also highlights reader favorites from her blog.

Lastly, we included plenty of social proof to help build her brand’s credibility. We did this through featuring testimonials, as well as the logos of publications where she has been featured. Side note, if you don’t have social proof on your website, add some! Reviews and testimonials go a long way!

It turned out so beautifully, I hope you check it out! And, if you have your own website that needs a facelift, let’s chat!

BTW, 9 tips for starting your own business, and how to launch a successful blog in 10 steps.


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