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Recently Launched: Lemonade-PR

Last week, I had FOUR new websites launch. So, over the next few weeks, I’ll be highlighting each of these wonderful clients! The first one that launched was Lemonade PR, a woman-owned PR firm based in Louisville, Kentucky.

Overall, they wanted an updated look and feel for their website, plus a better way to highlight all the amazing imagery they’ve created for clients.

Lemonade Pr custom Showit website

Custom Web Design for Lemonade PR

Web Design Strategy

As part of their work, they create amazing imagery and content for their clients. However, their old site wasn’t showing it off as well as it could. We created a page that featured lots of imagery, and highlighted their services, what they do and how they’re different than other PR firms.

Web Design

When you land on the site, you’re immediately drawn in by the rotating gorgeous imagery we have featured at the top. You scroll down and immediately learn more about what Lemonade PR does—they tell your brand’s unique story. We feature their services, what sets them apart, and their team, plus some great stats on what they’ve accomplished for their clients.

To better highlight their work, the “Our Work” page has links to their content creation galleries as well as their “In the Press” section. The “Content Creation” page features multiple galleries that you can easily scroll through to view. I love how this looks on mobile as well—so easy to use!

The “In the Press” page pulls all their press features into one place. It is managed via a WordPress blog. So, they can easily and seamlessly add new content to this page whenever they need.

Another feature I love is on their “About” page. When you click on the arrow below a team member, a window opens up with their bio. This allows us to keep the actual page clean, minimal and easy to read. However, it still gives you the capability to learn more with just a click!

I am so pleased with how this website turned out! It really does their work justice and allows it to shine. Since it’s a big part of what they do, I know it will make it easier for future clients to get a sense of what they’re capable of right from the start!

If you’re interested in custom web design, click here to learn more. Or, browse my totally customizable website templates for an affordable site refresh that you can have completed within a few days!

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