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May 2022: Business Income Report

It’s nearly the end of June and here I am just now getting around to May’s income report. I promise it won’t always be like this, but there’s been a lot happening behind the scenes that’s been taking up my time the past few weeks.

May 2022: Income Report —How I made 5 Figures as a Web Designer & Business Coach

Primarily, the launch of The Collective! My monthly membership community for female entrepreneurs to learn, grow and thrive! This has been a HUGE dream of mine to create a community and be able to help so many more women than I can in just a 1:1 setting. It’s affordable (currently only $57/month as a Founding Member until the end of the month) and has SO much value:

  • monthly coaching call
  • monthly Q&A session
  • weekly prompts
  • 1:1 support from me and the community
  • Streamlined Business Blueprint Course (honestly, every entrepreneur could benefit from this course!)

I know that budgets can be tight when you’re first starting out and that was a big driver behind creating this community. I wanted a way for EVERY female entrepreneur to grow their business strategically!

We launched a few weeks ago, welcomed in our new members and already had our first call, which was incredible! You can learn more about it here and join at that Founding Member price through the end of this month!

Needless to say, this took up a lot of brain power the past few weeks and I’m finally feeling like I can get back into a more regular routine. I went on a walk the other day and kept thinking, “wow, I really miss blogging” and brain dumped a ton of ideas into a note on my phone, so there’s lot of good content coming your way this summer.

If you’re not already on my list, make sure you sign up here so you don’t miss any new posts that will help you grow your business. When you sign up, I’ll also send you the REAL numbers from this month too! So, if you’re into that kind of thing, sign yourself up!

Now, onto May’s income! May took the slightest dip from April, but was still such a great month. We also traveled to Mexico and Minnesota that month, so to be able to take about a week away from my desk and still create this level of income in one month feels amazing.

May 2022: Business Income Report

May 2022 Income Report

It’s been 8 months since I quit blogging full-time, and some days I still wake up in disbelief that I’ve already built this business into a 5-figure/month business in such a short time. It’s proof that if you’re determined and put in the effort, good things can happen—FAST.

May 2022—Income Breakdown


Web Design: 30%

Freelance: 19%

Strategy Sessions & Website Templates: 4%

Art: 27% (my side hustle and other creative outlet!)

Ads: 4%

Affiliates: 16%


As you can see, traffic took a down-turn this month, again, probably because I didn’t post anything new! But, what’s cool to see is that it didn’t completely drop off. That’s the joy in creating amazing, evergreen content. It continues to drive traffic even when you don’t do anything!

Email List

I started the month with 4,353, and as of June 14, I have 4,426. Blogging has been the biggest way to drive people to my email freebies and since I haven’t been putting much focus on blogging, not much happened this past month. But, that’s okay. I continue to find that a smaller, engaged list is better than a large one that’s not paying attention to what you share.

3rd Quarter Goals

It’s summer, we’re doing a little more traveling than normal, and in general, I don’t mind a slower pace

Grow The Collective: My aim is to grow The Collective by 10 people each month. It’s only been a few weeks, but I adore this community and everything that’s happening inside there! Creating a strategic marketing plan is going to be a big focus these next few months.

Get Back to Blogging: Even though I quit blogging full-time, I really enjoy it. I love writing and sharing and teaching in this way and I’m ready to jump back into it. I even had the thought of reviving my old Fox & She blog, but also that seems like a lot of work—ha! Maybe someday, but for now, my focus is on creating great content for this blog.

Secure New Web Design Clients: I actually have several projects in the works now, but my goal is still to get 3 new clients per month.

Launch an Art Collection: I’ve been painting a lot the past 2 months and good things are coming. I’m aiming to launch my next art collection and sell it out by the end of summer!

I still can’t believe June is nearly over, but oh well, life has been coming fast lately and I’m just doing my best to enjoy the time with my family and friends!

BTW, make sure you grab my 6-figure year planner and get busy planning your best year yet!


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