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August 2022: Business Income Report

I think this was the busiest, most productive, most fun month I’ve had in a long time! Crazily enough, it was one of the months where I worked the fewest days. Between travel, the kids being out of school for holidays, I only worked 15 days this month. September is looking like it’ll be similar because we have friends and family visiting and a week long vacation.

August 2022: Business Income Report |

The Universe is weird like that, but I’m okay with working less, living more and still making a great income doing what I love.

A few highlights from this month were:

  • finishing my SEO course, Content that Converts
  • launching Content that Converts
  • shipping out two big art commissions
  • starting 3 more art commissions
  • had an amazing call with PR expert Amy Kaske Berger in The Collective
  • traveling to Chicago for a wedding
  • traveling to London for another wedding

Finishing and launching my course really allowed me to finish this month with some serious momentum for the fall. I’m so excited about what’s come and have already started planning out my fall/winter marketing calendar and getting prepped for the holidays.

Q4 often ends up being the biggest earning season for so many small businesses, so being prepared for it is essential to finishing the year off on a good note. This month in The Collective’s Business Accelerator Group, we’re going to be talking through holiday marketing plans, important dates, what to do and how to maximize your business’ earnings these next 3-4 months. If you want to join us for the call, I invite you to join us here!

You can think of this group as your inner circle of like-minded female entrepreneurs. A place to come ask questions and get answers, motivation and encouragement. Plus, you’ll get 1:1 access to me as well! Can’t wait to see you inside!

Now, onto last month’s income report!

August 2022: Business Income Report

Last month was my lowest month so far this year, and August wasn’t that much ahead of it. The way I track these income reports is by what actually comes through my bank account in that calendar month, not my sales that month.

August Business Income Report |

My sales were actually higher because of SEO course, but I didn’t get paid out until after the month was over. I also booked 3 commissions, but won’t get paid for the 2nd half of them until they’re completed. So, even though this month looks lower on paper, it was actually an incredible month of sales!

Just a friendly reminder to not get so stuck on the actual number and remember what else is coming in from recurring payments, retainer clients, etc.

I’ve also been so focused on laying the foundation for passive, scalable income streams these past 6 months between my course launch and my website templates and while they’re not where I want them to be yet, I know that this phase—the creation and launch phase—has to happen before I can go into scaling these things.

Holding onto that feeling that everything I’ve been working towards is on its way is easily what keeps me focused and motivated on a regular basis.

Business Income Stream Breakdown |
Let’s Break it Down:

I realized I actually could break down my sales easily between The Collective and other digital sales, so yay! Now I can show you these more clearly!

Custom Web Design: 24%

Freelance: 20% (retainer client)

The Collective: 9%

SEO Course: 0% (made sales, but haven’t been paid out yet!)

Website Templates: 4%

Art: 26%

Ads: 4%

Affiliates: 13%

  • Amazon
  • Beautycounter
  • Branch Basics
  • RewardStyle

Website Traffic

Okay, you all know that website traffic is very interesting to me! So much so that I created a whole course on how to get more traffic and eyeballs on your site. I’ve implemented my own strategies and wanted to show you what’s happened to my own website traffic in just 6 months.

This first screenshot is from February 2022:

February website traffic

This one is from this past August 2022:

That’s a 360% increase in traffic in just 6 months!!! I’m telling you guys, this SEO stuff really works.

So, if you thought SEO was dead, you now know that it’s most definitely not and if you want to see this type of change in your own website traffic, enroll in Content that Converts ASAP! You can join today for as little as $94!

What do I attribute the uptick in traffic to? Good keywords and page optimization and content! I teach all of this in my course, how to make it happen in a super easy straightforward way that won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Email List

In mid-August (the time of my last income report), I had 3,251 subscribers. I’m starting this month with 3,283. Not huge growth by any means, but an upwards tick is always good.

The main way I grow my email list is through different freebies and trainings I offer. You can see all of them here to get ideas for how to grow your own list. I admittedly don’t promote these as often as I know I should, but I’m still happy to see that my list is growing despite not doing anything to actively grow it.

September & Fall Goals

Finish New Website Templates

Many of you know that I do custom web design, but I also have some gorgeous templates that are a fraction of the cost, look custom and are 100% customizable. I’ve been working on several other templates to make this part of my business more robust. Plus, I’m planning on adding a mini-course to it that teaches you the ins-and-outs of Showit since I know not everyone is familiar with it.

This platform remains my favorite to design and work with because it is so flexible. All my clients are always blown away by how easy it is to make changes and updates! So, if your website needs some love—these might be the perfect option!

Complete Commissions

I have 3 art commissions in the works right now that will be completed by the end of this month. I’ve also been working on a few other pieces that I’ll hopefully have completed and on my website by the end of the month!

Plan for the Holidays

I honestly can’t believe the holiday season is upon us, so I’ll be spending a fair amount of time this month planning out my holiday marketing calendar so I can maximize my earnings and grow my business. Remember, our Collective call is focused on marketing plans this month, so join us inside–you’ll be so happy you did!

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