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5 Female-Owned Small Online Businesses You Need to Know About This February 2022

I am so excited to start this monthly series! I’ll be featuring a few female-owned small online businesses each month so you can see what other women like you are doing and get inspired, as well as simply introducing you to these talented ladies. As an entrepreneur, I love being able to support my fellow business owners, get some new eyes on their sites and help each other grow.

A rising tide lifts all boats.

I’m a big believer that feeling the joy for others success is key to our own personal success, so today, let’s celebrate these ladies, their big accomplishments and share their businesses with your friends and family!

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Read on and you can get a peek into their businesses, their future plans and biggest wins so far!

If you are a small online business owner and would like to put your name in the hat to be featured, drop your information into this form! The only requirements are that 1) you must be a lady, sorry guys, but my audience is mostly women, so that’s my focus here, 2) you must have a website, 3) you must have a business that serves clients anywhere!

5 Female-Owned Small Business You Need to Know About

Rainbow Dreams Sleep Consulting

Launched in October 21 • VISIT THE SITE

baby sleeping Rainbow Dreams Sleep Consulting

Sarah Janicik was inspired to launch her sleep consulting business because of her children and her mental health. We all know how important sleep is! In Sarah’s words, here’s a little bit more about her business:

“I am a baby + toddler sleep consultant. I believe sleep is incredibly important for our mental and physical health, for both baby and parents! Also, I struggle a lot when I don’t get the sleep I need, and honestly so do my children. I love helping and supporting families get onto a good schedule and routine, but also encourage them to live their life! You can sleep and you can also enjoy life-it’s not an either/or type of thing! I am also in the process of becoming a Newborn Care Specialist! I love the newborn days but also know how hard they can be. By becoming a NCS I can support and help families with their little ones from day 1.”

Her Business Serves: Parents! First, second, and fourth time parents!

Future Plans: Hoping to be able to continue working 1-1 with parents as that’s my favorite part of this, but maybe small group classes would be fun! I hope that I can grow this community for parents to come and not feel so alone in their struggles.

Biggest Win So Far: Seeing my business grow online in the past few weeks.

Lindsey Franks Fine Art

Launched in 2019 • VISIT THE SITE

5 Female-Owned Small Business with Lindsey Franks Fine Art

Lindsey was inspired to launch her art business because she found that creating was a great way to battle anxiety and helped me cope with a long 5 year battle with infertility. Now, she can’t live without it! In Lindsey’s words, here’s more about her business:

“I am a fine artist operating outside of Atlanta, Georgia offering abstract paintings for every home.”

Her business serves: Anyone looking to add an original piece of art to their home that they will love for years to come.

Future Plans: Three-four collection releases in 2022 and participate in two local vendor festivals (spring and fall) , which may be lofty because I am due with Franks Baby #2 in July but we are going to make it happen! I am excited for the journey and possibilities of 2022.

Biggest Win So Far: Lately, working with interior designers on commissions for their clients and bringing those visions to life.

Kara Maureen Bridal

Launched in Early Pandemic • VISIT THE SITE

woman wearing Kara Maureen Bridal from 5 Female-Owned Small Business

Kara was inspired to launch her business after her own harrowing wedding planning journey. She felt like there was so much happening emotionally and in her closest relationships that she did not anticipate.She’s now determined to help other brides do better. More about her business in her words:

“I help brides navigate wedding drama with more grace abs ease. I help them tackle the emotional that comes up with family feuds, fiancé fights, and bridesmaid breakdowns. I’m a bride whisperer (life coach for your wedding)”

Her Business Serves: Brides and the people in their lives.

Future Plans: Just help as many brides as I can!

Biggest Win So Far: Starting my podcast and free online bridal prep academy

Erica Gregory

Launched in January 2018 • VISIT THE SITE

Erica Gregory for 5 Female-Owned Small Business

Erica was inspired to launch her business because she wanted to be home with her kids instead of the office. Fun fact, I just started working with Erica this month! In her own words, here’s more about her business:

“Im a business coach and mentor. I run monthly programs, do 1:1 coaching and have a membership for entrepreneurs!”

Her Business Serves: Female entrepreneurs

Future Plans: Scaling and growing!! I love watching women go for it and proving that’s it’s possible!

Biggest Win So Far: I had my first 6 figure year last year!!!

Pop of Paper Co

Launched in October 2020 • VISIT THE SITE

Jen & Kim were inspired to launch their business during the pandemic after losing their jobs and pursing a side passion of decorating. Here’s more about their business in their words:

“We create paper decor and kid decor/craft boxes. All products are reusable and paper based.”

Their Business Serves: Kids (age 2.5-tween) Anyone throwing a celebration of any type.

Future Plans: Scale decorating arming and grow our subscriber base for boxes. More storefront window collaborations.

Biggest Win So Far: Selling out our Christmas boxes 2 years in row and on pace to sell out VDay!

I hope you enjoyed reading more about their stories and leave feeling inspired! Don’t forget, if you want to submit your own small business, fill out this form!

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