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How Simply Being Happy for Others Can Boost your Joy

How would it feel if you woke up feeling light, joyful, excited about your day, happy, confident, comfortable and stress free?

Amazing, right?

being happy for others

It sounds like magic, and it is! That’s not to say I wake up every morning springing out of bed all Mrs. Positivity, but over the past few months, I can feel myself relaxing, letting go and settling into a pace of life that feels sustainable, exciting and fun.

After being a full-time blogger/influencer for the past five years, it’s as if my nervous system is detoxing from all the years of information and input overload. The constant rushing and always feeling like something needs to be done is gone, but my habits are still lingering.

One of the simplest things I’ve done over the past few months is leaning into joy and truly being happy for others. The good, positive things in my own life. Celebrating big and small wins. And, celebrating the wins of other women, and letting them know!

I’ve said it before, but being a mom and an entrepreneur can often be a lonely path. I have plenty of friends that I’ve met over the years that are in the same place in their career, but most of them are spread across the country. I don’t get to meet up with them in person and give them the hug they deserve, so having small moments to let them know I think they’re doing awesome has been

3 Tips for Being Happy for Others

Make the Choice

When we’re inundated with opinions, content and information every second of the day, it can easily feel all encompassing. How does one escape it without totally tying yourself off from the modern world?!

One big realization I had lately is that how we perceive the world around is a choice. It might not feel that way because of how you’ve grown up, what you’ve been taught and what’s ingrained into your brain, but how you perceive something is a choice. That’s the reason you might find something to be utterly repulsive and another person might think it’s the coolest, most inspiring thing they’ve ever heard. The thing is no different—it’s just a matter how two different people perceive things.

So, the next time you see someone post something about how they just booked 10 clients and had their best month ever. Instead of rolling your eyes and hating on their success—I challenge you to celebrate it. Focus on being happy for others—think about how amazing they are probably feeling in that moment. Think about how amazing it will feel when you hit that moment. And, when you do, do you want people thinking you’re a big jerk and rolling your eyes? Or do you want other entrepreneurs celebrating your success with you?

I think that’s an easy answer 😉

You get to make the choice in how you perceive things. You can make the choice to stop judging and start appreciating or simply observing. It can be a hard habit to break at first, but it quickly becomes second nature because it FEELS GOOD TO FEEL GOOD!

Detox Your Social Media

I don’t know about you, but for me, social media (okay, Instagram) has become the single place that can make me feel amazing, or terrible within just a few seconds.

I hate that it has this power over me, so I decided to do something about it. For starters, I stopped looking at my phone first thing in the morning.I don’t want to immediately wake up and feel behind, less than or annoyed with someone.

I also started to unfollow accounts that I found myself judging, resenting, or being annoyed with. If it was triggering me, it had to go. It’s a simple practice and a powerful one. You likely won’t even remember the people you used to follow because you’re only following accounts that bring you joy, or inspire you.

That’s not to say that all social media is bad. I’ve met so many incredible women over the years that I would have never run into in person. I’ve built friendships with women I’ve never met, and trust their expertise and advice so much. I celebrate their wins as if they’re family and don’t hesitate to let them know. Which brings me to my last point!

Lean into these friendships, build community and relationships with people you admire!

Celebrate Others Success

Success breeds more success and joy breeds more joy! When you’re being happy for others’ success, it will make success come easier and more naturally for you. It’s all energy!

When you’re celebrating someone else, really allow yourself to feel those feelings deep in your bones. It feels good, doesn’t it?

It also feels good to let someone else know you’re happy for them. They feel it, and you feel it. So, don’t be stingy with your kindness, it goes far. It raises your frequency and makes it easier to attract the right people to your own business. Plus, it just feels amazing!

The more I do this, the happier and lighter I feel in my own life. After years of feeling constant pressure that nothing I did was ever enough, this way of living is a breathe of fresh air. Sometimes I wonder how I ever got so far off track!

My challenge for you today—pay someone a compliment, congratulate them on their success, celebrate their wins-big and small—and, see how you feel. See how it changes your mood, your energy, your appreciation for the human experience! The more you do it, the better (and easier) it gets.

BTW, 3 actual ways to increase your income this month, and 9 tips for starting your own business.

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